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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Leeds Castle, Kent Day 1: Breakfast & Shopping in London

P7159028 copy
Once everyone has freshened up, we headed for breakfast. The morning breeze caressed my face as soon as I walked out of the warm hotel lobby. We stayed at the same hotel for a night before moving to Leeds Castle for an official start of the conference the next morning. 
P7159012 copyP7159013 copy
Back to Patisserie Valerie for breakfast. This seemed to be the same routine during the sales conference, since I remembered visiting this place previously. We always ended up at the same place, lol! I ordered a pot of hot English Breakfast Tea (£2.75) to warm up my body from the chilly morning breeze.
P7159015 copyP7159025 copy
We decided to sit outside since the weather was lovely and get to people-watch, haha! 
P7159022 copyP7159020 copy 
Having breakfast together with the HK team - Kathy, Clarins and Cindy. Kathy was just hired when we attended the conference, but she has left us for greener pasture earlier in August. Good luck in your new venture!
P7159018 copyP7159019 copy
The cafe served all day breakfast and brunch (hooray!) and we ordered a set each. As usual, Eric ordered Full English Breakfast set, which came with 2 poached eggs, fried/scrambled eggs, bacon, cumberland sausage, grilled tomatoes, mushrooms, baked beans and toast (£7.95) while Kathy & Clarins went for Eggs Benedict instead (£7.80), love the hollandaise sauce covering the poached eggs! 
P7159017 copyP7159024 copy
 I went for my fave - scrambled eggs with smoked salmon on granary toast (£7.95). Ignore the Heinz Tomato Ketchup, as Eric "photobomed" my picture, haha! 
Patisserie Valerie
37 Brushfield Street, London
E1 6AA, United Kingdom
Tel: 44 020 7247 4906
 P7169029 copy
After a hearty breakfast, we walked around the area before adjouring to ...... Selfridges, lol! Check out the loots that we bought! I love my Cath Kidston purchases and even brought it to Finland for our Northern Lights adventure (more on that for another day!)
P7169030 copy
As night came, I was glad to head back to my own room for a good night rest! Till the next post, tata :)

Monday, December 17, 2012

BKK Trip with Leecher Nov 2012 P4

 Off the KL for a day trip - think this should be my last trip of the year before flying resumes in Jan. I've consolidated quite a lot of KL pics, will blog about it once I'm done with BKK & TW. A continuation from our Chatuchak trip (previous part can be found here). The weather was incredibly humid that day - cold drinks and ice creams were selling like hot cakes!   

 Their version of cold stone creamery! No, we didn't try that for I was starving for food. 

Needed to rest our legs and re-fuel 

Looks yummy! Placed my order immediately.

Coke! I'm not really a fan of cold drinks, but when it comes to hot weather (esp in Thailand), I'll have to break all the rules. 

Leecher, extremely happy with his purchase. See how tightly he's holding onto the bag?

Leecher wasn't feeling hungry, so we ordered 1 bowl to share. I remembered to change to mama mee, but totally forgot about the no-adding of veg part. 

The familiar sight! Another of my must-try in Chatuchak :)

I wanted to take a pic of coconut icecream inside the container, but it was so deep down that I couldn't capture a nice picture. That goes to show how popular this is! 

Choose your toppings - peanuts, corns, aloe vera etc ....

Leecher joining the queue too!

 Coconut ice cream with corns (my pick) and aloe vera (Leecher's pick)

Every ice cream purchased will get a small cup of coconut water, perfect complement. 

I can finish this by myself, but good things are meant to be shared with Leecher :) 

Left the area early to escape the going-home crowd, and also, we have another agenda on the list. 

Guess where we are heading?
The usual massage place that I always frequent in BKK, Healthland Asoke. To get here, alight at BTS Asoke station and walked 10 mins to get there.

Looked empty, but we had to wait for almost 30 mins for our rooms to be ready cuz I forgot to make an appt with them, haha! 

Waiting for our turn to be called. 

Leecher's companion!

Keep calm and watch on :)  

We took the hot herbal compress massage. I've tried it before and I intro Leecher to give it a try.

 Leecher with his big yawn, lol!

2 hours later, we were rejuvenated yet famished!

Health Land Asoke
55/5 Sukhumvit 21 Road (Asoke)
Khlongtoeinuea, Wattana
Bangkok 10110
Tel: 66 2261 1110 (Booking strongly recommended if traveling in big groups)
Nearest BTS: Asoke

Wanted to drop by Terminal 21, but we didn't have time --- another to-do list for another trip! 

Saw this while crossing the road - the final installment to Twilight :) Caught this movie on my birthday (cuz I just had to see Edward on my birthday). My heart nearly sank at the beginning, nice twist to the story.  Nice closure - was kinda sad for "to be continued" no longer applies to this :( 

Alighted at BTS Thong Lo station in search for food. We didn't know which exit to go, so we walked towards Exit3 and 4 to see which side has a higher possibility of leading us to the food street. To our surprise, this is the view we saw when we head towards Exit 4. Lights + people + stalls = food street! 

Walked till the end of the food street in search for the famous Wanton noodle stall that was recommended. We couldn't find it, so decided to settle our dinner @ this stall that looked like it had the most number of patrons. 
In the midst of preparation.

Waiting .......

 Crabmeat with char siew & dumplings - one of the most expensive bowl of wanton noodles in BKK, costing THB60/bowl. I kinda got a shock when the bill was over 100THB, for we normally pay less than 100THB for 2 pax.

While walking back, we saw the food corner that we came here for! It was tucked at a corner, so we missed it the first time round for we were too focused on the stalls along the road.
Fruit juice corner 

Passionfruit ice-blended. Not recommended.

Leecher was drawn by the array of food displayed @ this stall and proceeded to order.

Check out that fire! Woohoo ..... I nearly got scared by it for standing too close in trying to capture the pic. 

Pad Thai, with lots of bean sprouts. Not my fave dish. 

Then, I saw the recommended wanton mee stall. Recognized the stall based on the bag hanging, for it was the same pic that the blogger took.

Ordered the soup version this time round.

Trying out DOF. 
Mango sticky rice to finish off the meal. Generally, the food is OK, just that it was kinda expensive as compared to the other street stalls that we have tried. 

Wanton Noodles, Sticky Rice, Pad Thai
Address: Sukhumvit Soi 38
Alight at Thong Lo BTS, head towards Exit 4
Opening hours: 8pm till 2am
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